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Setting a New Appointment to Primary

There are two ways to manage faculty data in UC OATS; Faculty Data Import and manually managing faculty data. This article will focus on how to manually set a new appointment as primary. Please note, only one appointment can be primary and the sum of the faculty member's appointment across departments cannot be greater than 1.0 (100%). Also, faculty members cannot have two appointments within the same department. For example, if a faculty member is also a dean for the department, you would change the faculty type to a dean appointment (240 in 025 Context or 240 HSCP Context 671). 

To set a faculty's new appointment to primary,

  1. Click on the "App Admin" button to open the Application Administrator workspace.Application Administrator workspace page
  2. Make sure you are in the correct fiscal year. You can move forward and back through fiscal years by clicking the arrows.
  3. Select the "Departments" tab and locate the department / unit where that faculty member should reside. You can use the (a) "Department Hierarchy Tree Structure" button or (b) you can click on the department / unit title links until you get to the appropriate location. 
  4. Once you are in the appropriate department, click on the "Faculty" tab. The list of faculty within that unit will appear. Locate the faculty member.faculty tab page
  5. Click on the "Open / close" button to open the appointment field.
  6. Click the "Edit" button to view the faculty's appointment details.
  7. Update the "Faculty Settings" form.updating faculty settings form

    Faculty Settings Description

    Make this appt primary?

    Select "yes". Additional fields will appear.

    Routing Department

    Select the department that should review the faculty's prior approval forms; either the current primary department or new primary department. You can also have a form routed to both departments, but that will need to be done after you save these changes.

    Faculty Type

    Select the term type; Academic or Fiscal. An academic term faculty will have the Summer Hours module. Fiscal year faculty are not required to report summer hours.


    The conflict of commitment policy governing this faculty member. Acceptable formats: 025, 671, 240.5 (Dean, General Campus), 240.1 (Dean, Health Sciences), 246.5 (Faculty Admin, General Campus), 246.1 (Faculty Admin, Health Sciences).

    Appointment %

    Since the faculty member has multiple appointments the parameter will have a value greater than 0 and less than 1.0 (100%).

  8. Click "Save" to complete changes.

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