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Release 4.54.0 January 22, 2020

Features Affected Roles Affected Policies

The system now generates an Annual Certification record (pdf) when an Annual Certification form receives final approval.  A snapshot is taken of the faculty's records at that time.



Department thresholds that were manually entered are now copied to future fiscal years (FY). Department thresholds are per fiscal year. The result is that some faculty's time and income thresholds maybe be different than it is currently. There will be a communication with each campus admins to address these cases.



Internal: AWS QuickSight Integration for Activity List, Activity Type, Form List, Unit List, Income Effort, Faculty List, and S3 Manifest and Data file structures.



An option has been added for approvers to "Acknowledge" the prior approval form. Approvers at all levels can now Acknowledge instead of approving the forms. Also, the actions on the UI forms are grouped by 'accept', 'send back', and 'deny'.



Added the action ("Acknowledged" or "Approved") to the message body of related email notifications.



Updated the pop up message when a faculty reports a Category 3 activity. The updated message reads "Deans and full-time faculty administrators are required to report effort and earnings for compensated Category 3 activities. All other faculty are exempt from having to report effort and/or earnings for Category 3 activities."



Added additional column in App Admin view to display the period of time (days) a form is in the current queue. A new column "Days in Queue" is present in the 'App/Admin : Departments: Requests in Queue' report. Also, the column "Forms" label has been updated to "Queue"

App Admin


Updated the following tabs under AP Review: "Forms Needs My Review," "Forms In Process," "Forms Approved," "All Activities." The report will refresh when the "Update" button is clicked instead of checking/unchecking of filter options. This will improve page response time.



Updated the following tabs under the Approver view: "Review/Approval,"  "Forms Approval Pending," "Forms Approved," "All Activities." The reports will refresh when the "Update" button is clicked, instead of checking/unchecking of filter options. This will improve page response time.



Bug Fixes Affected Roles Affected Policies

Fixed an issue when trying to export data, with when all options are checked for "Form State Filter" under the "Forms in Process" and "All activities" of the reviewer's "AP Review" tab.



Recent Release Notes

Release Number Release Date

Release 4.54.0

January 22, 2020

Release 4.53.0

December 18, 2020

Release 4.51.0

October 31, 2020

Release 3.50.8

October 3, 2020

Release 3.50.0

September 21, 2020

Release 3.49.0

August 16, 2020

Release 3.48.0

July 2, 2020

Release 3.47.1

May 28, 2020

Release 3.47.0

May 21, 2020

Release 3.46.7

May 13, 2020

Release 3.46.4

May 8, 2020

Release 3.46.1

April 25, 2020

Release 3.46.0

April 21, 2020

Release 3.45.4

March 30, 2020

Release 3.45.2

March 24, 2020

Release 3.45.1

March 17, 2020

Release 3.45.0

March 13, 2020

Release 3.44.6

February 24, 2020

Release 3.44.4

February 10, 2020

Release 3.44.1

February 5, 2020

Release 3.43.6

January 17, 2020

Release 3.43.5

January 14, 2020

Release 3.43.4

January 10, 2020

Release 3.43.3

December 17, 2019

Release 3.43.2

December 11, 2019

Release 3.43.1

December 10, 2019

Release 3.43.0

December 4, 2019

Release 3.42.1

November 19, 2019