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Annual Certification - with Activities (Academic year)

This article provides instructions on how to submit your Annual Certification. Annual Certification for the previous fiscal year is available beginning July 1st. You will receive an email reminder from your campus regarding Annual Certification requirements.

APM-025 Conflict of Commitment reporting requirements: In accordance with the APM-025 Conflict of Commitment policy reporting requirements, “All faculty must file an annual report of outside professional activities each fiscal year, even if the faculty member did not engage in outside professional activities during the year. Faculty must report annually all Category I and II outside professional activities conducted during the prior 12 months, including activities that were conducted during normal service periods and during periods of leave with and without pay, and during summer months when receiving University compensation. The requirement for annual reporting begins after the faculty member’s first full year of continuous employment”.

  • Annual Certification reports have no expiration date
  • Denied Category 1 activities with no reported effort are not included in the Annual Certification report
  • The Annual Certification report will only show hours that count against your time threshold
  • General campus faculty: Category 3 activities are not included in the Annual Certification report.
  • Deans (APM 240) and Full-time Faculty Administrators (APM 246): Category 3 activities are included in the Annual Certification report

Before you certify

Use the Fiscal Year indicator to navigate to the fiscal year you are certifying. Confirm the following: 

  • All required activities have been reported. Learn more
  • All activities have effort reported. Learn more
  • All prior approval forms have been submitted. Forms that have not been submitted will show the 'Not Submitted' status. Learn more
  • Your Summer Info has been entered for the entire fiscal year. Learn more

To complete Annual Certification:

  1. If you have not done so already, enter your Summer Info for the entire fiscal year you are certifying. Then, select the "Annual Certifications" button.

  2. Locate the fiscal year you are certifying. The "Summer Info" button(s) will be present if you have not filled out your summer information. Click the "Summer Info 20xx" button. **If the Summer Salary button is not listed, skip to step 5.

  3. Fill out the summer salary form and then click "Update Summer Info." 

  4. Select the "Annual Certifications" button.

  5. Locate the fiscal year you are certifying and select the "Not Submitted" button.
  6. View and confirm the list of reported activities is accurate and up to date. Please note, that you will receive an error message if a prior approval form has not been submitted (learn more). If you need to update your activities, click on the "Back to your workspace" button.
  7. Read the certification statement, enter your initials, and then click "Submit Annual Certification". Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation and your Annual Certification will be processed through the approval workflow. 

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