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Annual Certification - No Activities (Academic year)

This article demonstrates how academic-year faculty submit their annual certification when they have no activities to report. When it is time to submit your annual certification you will receive an email notification and the annual certification buttons will become available to you in your UC OATS workspace. Because you have no activities to report, you can complete annual certification in just a few clicks!

  • Annual Certification reports have no expiration date

To complete annual certification:

  1. Select the "Certify No Activity for (fiscal year)" button. 
  2. Read the disclaimer, confirm you do not need to report summer salary, enter your initials, and then click "Submit." If you have Summer Salary to report, review the Entering Summer Salary Information article.
  3. Your annual certification report has been submitted and is processing through the approval workflow. You will receive an email notification once your annual certification report has been accepted or if it has been returned to you. 

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