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Entering Summer Salary Information

This article provides instructions on how to report the days you will be receiving University salary during the summer. According to UC policy, academic-year faculty are allowed 8 hours (1 day) of professional activity for each 1 week that they receive University salary during the summer. The policy allows for a maximum of 57 compensated days during the summer. If your summer salary is coming in part from an external funding agency, please check with that agency regarding their policy in conflict of commitment.

The information you provide in the "Summer Salary Info" section of your UC OATS workspace will determine the allowable hours of outside professional activities during your campus summer term. A summer threshold bar will be generated to show the maximum allowed hours of outside professional activities (OPA) and the reported hours that count towards your summer threshold.

  • All academic year faculty who are required to report under UC APM-025 are required to indicate if they plan on receiving summer salary. Completing the summer salary information is required before you can complete your Annual Certification. 

To enter the number of days you will receive University salary during the summer:

  1. Click on the 'Summer Hours Info' button.
  2. Read the 'Summer Salary' disclaimer and confirm if you are drawing salary for summer.
  3. Enter the number of working days you will receive University summer salary for each month. UC OATS will automatically calculate the number of hours available for OPA while receiving University salary. You can toggle between summer periods by clicking on the summer buttons to the right and left of the summer form.
  4. Click 'Update Summer Salary' to submit the information.
  5. Review the summary salary disclaimer then click 'Close.'
  6. Summer threshold bars will appear for each summer month. The threshold bars will show the total number of hours you can engage in OPA while receiving University summer salary. As you engage in OPA during the summer months, the threshold bar will automatically adjust. To edit summer hours, click the edit icon.

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