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Historical Data Manager Role

This article will provide an overview of the historical data manager role. The historical data manager role enables reviewers to enter activities on behalf of faculty members. The back entering of activities in UC OATS is typically done when a campus is moving from their old conflict of commitment system to UC OATS. To assign a user as a historical data manager, you will need to assign them both a reviewer role and a historical data manager role. To learn more about roles, please visit the Roles Overview article. To learn more about historical data managers, visit the APM 025 Historical Data Manager article or the APM 671 Historical Data Manager article.

Historical Data Managers can: 

  • Enter previously approved activities into UC OATS
  • Approve previously approved activities in UC OATS
  • Upload supporting documentation regarding previous approval
  • Cancel faculty's Exceed Threshold forms (while threshold is still exceeded)
Top half of the category 1 form


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