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Faculty Change Status Role

The faculty change status role enables reviewers to make various changes to a faculty member's account. To learn more about roles, please visit the Roles Overview article. To learn more about the functions of the faculty change status role visit the Faculty & Fiscal Status Indicators article. Learn how to manage a staff member's role

Reviewers with the "Faculty Change Status" role can make the following changes in UC OATS.

  • Change the faculty's status to "Leave to engage in outside activity"
  • Override faculty's time threshold
  • Override APM-671 faculty's earning threshold
  • Change APM-671 faculty's status to "Not in goodstanding"
  • Add the faculty member's account to the 240-246 report for UCOP
  • Change the faculty's status to "Separated" and make the annual certification button available to the faculty member
The UC OATS Faculty Status and Fiscal Status section of the Faculty Details page.

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