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Reviewer Role

The reviewer role is typically assigned to department/unit administrative staff and is a prerequisite for many other roles such as, stock evaluator, faculty status change, historical data, etc. It is best practice to have at least two reviewers per department/unit. To learn more about roles, please visit the Roles Overview article. To learn more about reviewers, visit the APM 025 Reviewer knowledge base or the APM 671 reviewer knowledge base. Learn how to manage a staff member's role

The following is an overview of a reviewer's responsibilities in UC OATS: 

  • Prior Approval Forms - look over prior approval forms to confirm they are accurate and contain enough information for the approver within their department/unit to make a decision.
  • Annual Certification Reports - look over annual certification reports to make sure any activities they know about are included in the report.
  • Faculty Email Notifications - only reviewers can unsubscribe faculty to email notifications.
  • Report Payments to HSCP - reviewers for APM-671 faculty can record payments that have been made to the Health Science Compensation Plan. 
  • Prerequisite - the reviewer role is a prerequisite for other system roles, such as Application Administrator, Faculty Change Status, Stock Evaluator, Historical Data Manager and more.

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