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Department Hierarchy Overview

This article is an overview of the UC OATS department/unit hierarchy structure. 

UC OATS is a tiered application that supports up to five levels of departments/units. The top unit is the parent unit and below are the sub-units. There can be up to four sub-units. The labels for each unit may be adjusted to match your campus structure. To learn more, visit the Form Routing Labels / Approvals article.

example of department heirarchy

The number of unit levels will vary per campus. Some campuses have schools that begin at the division level while others begin at the department level. For example, the following is the prior approval workflow for category 1 forms at two different campuses. Notice one begins at the division level and the other begins at the department level. The unit labeling is also customized to reflect the campus structure.

e.g. Campus (A) workflow

example Campus (A) workflow for approval
e.g. Campus (B) workflowexample Campus (B) workflow for approval



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