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Managing Units/Departments

This article provides instructions on how to manage units within your UC OATS interface. 

  • Please contact the technical partner if you need to delete a department. Deleting a department can interrupt prior approval workflows.

To manage a unit,

  1. Click on the "App Admin" button to open the Application Administrator workspace.Application Administrator workspace page
  2. Make sure you are in the correct fiscal year. You can move forward and back through fiscal years by clicking the arrows.
  3. Select the "Departments" tab and locate the unit that needs to be modified. You can use the (a) "Department Hierarchy Tree Structure" button or (b) you can click on the department / unit title links until you get to the appropriate location.
  4. Once you have located the unit, click on the "Edit" button beside the unit.unit tab with edit button beside the desired unit
  5. Review the department data elements descriptions below and update the unit information.form for editing unit information
  6. Click the "Submit" button to save the changes.

Department Data Elements Description: 

Data Element Name Description Max size Required (Y/N) Accepted Format Example Note

Department Code

A unique ID number that does not change over the life time of an organizational unit. This ID will serve as a unique identifier in UC OATS to identify the organizational unit and associate incoming data.

100 characters Y


1400, must be unique within a campus. 

This field will be used to identify departments, divisions, schools, and organized research units (ORUs). 

Department Title

The name of the organizational unit in association with the dept_code provided. This is a “pretty” label that is visible to all UC OATS users.

500 characters Y Text; spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes accepted

Department of Biological Chemistry

This field may be overridden by individual faculty parameters (e.g., BiolChem)


The dept_code of the parent organizational unit for this organizational unit. This field will be used to map the hierarchy of organizational units and is used for routing and approval. If this is the root level unit, leave field blank.

100 characters Y Alphanumeric For the unit, Division of Hematology (dept_code = 1234) within the Department of Medicine (dept_code = 5678), the parent_unit_code for Hematology should be "5678", and the parent_unit_code for Department of Medicine should be the code for UCLA 

A top level unit on a campus will have no parent.  For example,  UCLA is the top-most unit in the tree and will have a NULL value for this variable. 

Certification Deadline

The month and day of each year the annual certification is due. This is a usable variable in the email reminders to the faculty. This date can be unit specific.

date Y


The certification deadline is a usable variable in the email reminders to faculty. If you use this variable in the email template, the month and day when annual certification is due will be automatically inserted in the email notification.

Reminder email notifications can be disabled by campus administrator. 

Skip unit and route to parent? Select "Yes" if you would like the review process to begin at the one level up at the parent level. 
Select "No" if you would like the review process to begin at the new unit level.
Yes/No N Yes/No    

Defer to Primary Department?

For faculty with multiple appointments in different departments, this parameter will define if only the primary department should be executing the review and approval process. The other departments will rely on the primary department for review of forms submitted. 1 character Y 1 = Yes
0 = No
A faculty has a dual appointment in the Department of MIMG and the Department of Biology, and MIMG is his primary appointment. Biological Chemistry has elected NOT to require parallel review and will rely on the primary department, and so this value is "1" for Biological Chemistry

Note: this is a department-wide setting and will be applied to all cases where faculty has a non-primary appointment in this department. 
This can also be a campus level decision. Campuses are independent of other campuses. 

Inherit Summer Term from Parent? Select "Yes" if the unit should have the same summer term as the parent level.
Select "No" if the unit should have a different summer term than the parent unit.
Fiscal Year Enter the fiscal year for the new unit.       2019  

Select the status of the unit.
Active - Unit is active
Locked - Unit is locked, no changes are permitted
Deleted - Unit has been disabled and it no longer in use


        Note: Do not select deleted. If you need to delete a unit, reach out to the UC OATS technical partner for assistance. Deleting a unit can disrupt the prior approval workflow.

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