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Setting Summer Terms

This article will show you how to set your campus summer term in UC OATS. 

  • Summer terms are inherited by sub-units.
  • Sub-units can have their own specific summer term by creating a summer term for the unit. The new custom summer term will override the parent summer term.

To set up summer terms for your campus:

  1. Select the parent unit. departments tab with desired parent unit
  2. Click on the "Summer Terms" tab.summer terms tab
  3. Click on the "New Term" button.
  4. Complete the form.form for creating a new term
    • Term - For the term, enter the last two digits of the new summer term year and add N at the end.
    • Term Sequence - Add 25 to the previous summer term.
    • Term Name - Add Summer and then the year afterward.
    • Start/End date - Enter the start and end date for the term.
  5. Click the "Submit" button to save the changes.
  6. The summer term has been added and will apply to all sub-units that have no defined summer term. You can edit the summer term or delete it.options to edit or delete term in summer terms tab

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