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Department Tab Overview

This article provides an overview of the department tab. 

  • Please contact the technical partner if you need to delete a department. Deleting a department can interrupt prior approval workflows.

departments tab

The following is an overview of the Department tab: 

  1. Department Hierarchy Tree Structure - You can navigate your department hierarchy tree structure by clicking on the hierarchy icon. example of a Department Hierarchy Tree Structure
    1. Department Code - Click the department code link to go to that specific department.
    2. Faculty & Staff Count / Department Level - The numbers between the parentheses represent the number of approvers (A), reviewers (R), and faculty (F) within a department/unit. The number in brackets is the department level in the hierarchy.
    3. Highlighted Department - The department has faculty, but is missing a reviewer and/or approver. Each department that has faculty must also have at least one reviewer and one approver to process prior approval forms.
  2. Search -
  3. Department List
    • ID - A unique ID number assigned by UC OATS.
    • Code - A unique ID number that does not change over the life time of an organizational unit.
    • Title - The name of the organizational unit in association with the dept code provided.
    • Description - The department/unit name.
    • Inherit Summer Term - Shows if a summer term was inherited from the parent department/unit.
    • Status - Current status of the department/unit.
      • Active - Unit is active
      • Locked - Unit is locked, no changes are permitted
      • Deleted - Unit has been disabled and it no longer in use
    • Created On - Date unit was created
    • Actions - The "edit" button enables changes.
  4. Edit - Click the "Edit" button to make changes to the department/unit.form to edit the department/unit

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