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Route Form to Parent Unit

This article will show you how to set the prior approval workflow to begin at the parent level (one level up). For example, prior approval forms for a Division level would begin the review process at the Department level. 

  • The Route Form to Parent Unit option only works at the lowest unit level. If you need to change routing at a mid-level unit level you will need to change the routing department for each faculty member within the unit.
  • Before you change the routing, confirm that all forms that have been created are beyond that review level.

To change the prior approval workflow to begin at the parent level:

  1. Click on the "App Admin" button to open the Application Administrator workspace.Application Administrator workspace page
  2. Make sure you are in the correct fiscal year. You can move forward and back through fiscal years by clicking the arrows.
  3. Select the "Departments" tab and locate the unit you want to update. You can use the (a) "Department Hierarchy Tree Structure" button or (b) you can click on the department/unit title links until you get to the appropriate location. 
  4. Once you are at the appropriate location, select the Edit button.
  5. Go to the "Skip unit and route to parent?" option and select "Yes". Then click "Submit" to save the changes. The forms for that unit will now be routed up one level to the parent unit. 
    unit tab and add unit button

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