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Recall Category I Form

This article will show you how to recall a Category I form that has not yet been approved. You may need to recall a Category I form if you need to update the description, nature of your relationship to the entity, the estimated number of hours working on the activity, etc. When you recall a Category I form, you are removing the form from its place in the approval workflow and returning it to you. The status of the Category I form will change to "Not Submitted" and you will be able to edit the form. Once the form is submitted it will be placed at the beginning of the approval workflow. 

*** [New as of 1/27/23] If you have submitted your annual certification for that fiscal year, the annual certification form will also be returned to you. You will need to update the Category I form and submit it. Then you will need to resubmit your annual certification. 


To recall a Category I form:

  1. Locate and click on the Category I form you would like to recall.
  2. Select the "Recall" button.
  3.  Enter the reason why you are recalling the form in the "Recall Note" field and then click on the "Submit Recall" button. Your recall note will be added to the activities notes.
  4. Select the recalled Category I form. The form status will be "Not Submitted". 
  5. Update the Category I form and then click "Request Approval".
  6. The Category I form has been resubmitted and will process through the approval workflow.

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