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Multiple Exceed TH Forms for an Activity

This article will show you what to do when an activity has generated multiple unsubmitted Exceeding TH forms. 

Old Exceed TH system logic:
Previously, anytime you exceeded your overall time or earnings threshold a new Exceeding TH form would be automatically generated. Which caused multiple Exceeding TH forms to be generated for a single activity.

New Exceeding TH system logic:
Now, when you exceed your overall time or earnings threshold a single Exceeding TH form will automatically be generated. There is only one unsubmitted Exceed TH form per activity. Once you submit the Exceed TH form for review and approval, a new Exceed TH form can be generated if you report effort that is greater than what you requested in the Exceed TH form. Once the form is approved, the approved time and/or earnings threshold will be your new threshold for that activity. If you exceed that new activity threshold a new Exceed TH form will be generated. 

To remove excessive Exceed TH forms:

  1. Locate the activity with excessive unsubmitted "Request to Exceed TH" forms.
  2. Click on an unsubmitted "Request to Exceed TH" form and select the "Cancel Form" button. 
  3. Once you have deleted all excessive forms, you can submit one "Request to Exceed TH" form for the activity. 

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