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Request to Exceed Time & Earnings Threshold Form

This article will show you how to complete the Exceed TH Prior Approval form. The Exceed TH form is available for each activity under the Form/Queue section.

  • If you know ahead of time that you will exceed your time and/or earnings threshold you can proactively request approval by selecting the "Exceed TH Prior Approval Request" button (as shown below).
  • If you exceed your time and/or earnings threshold a "Request to Exceed TH" form will automatically appear. The status of the form will show "Not Submitted". 
  • After you have submitted a form, If you exceed your requested threshold for that activity a new "Request to Exceed TH" form will appear.
  • Once your Exceed TH form is approved, the approved amount will be your threshold for that activity.
Important Note:
  • Once you have exceeded your time threshold, any further earnings will be owed to the plan; in accordance with policy.
  • ***If you have multiple unsubmitted Request to Exceed TH forms for an activity, you may delete the excess forms and only submit one form. 

To submit a "Request to Exceed TH" form:

  1. Select the "Exceed TH Prior Approval Request" form.

  2. Complete the form. Enter the total number of hours to be devoted to the activity and the total expected earnings from the activity. 
  3. Click the "Request Approval" button to submit the formOnce submitted, the form will process through your campus approval workflow, which will vary per campus. You will receive an email notification with the decision or if the form is returned to you.

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