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Complete Student Involvement Form

This article demonstratives how to request and complete a Student Involvement form. Anytime you involve students in outside professional activities (Category I, II, III) you will need to request permission. When you enter an activity into UC OATS the Student Involvement form will be triggered if you indicate that you plan on involving a student(s) in the activity. You may also add student involvement at a later date. This article will show you where to locate the form and how to complete it.

Activating the Student Involvement form

To activate the 'Student Involvement' form when completing the 'Enter an Activity' form, select 'Yes' to the 'Do you plan to involve student(s)...' question.

Activating the Student Involvement form after the Activity has been added to your Workspace: 

To access the student involvement form after the activity has been added to your workspace: 

  1. Locate the activity in your workspace and select the 'Edit Activity' button.
  2. Select the 'Do you plan to involve student(s) from your campus...' question.
  3. Click 'Next' to trigger the 'Student Involvement' form.
  4. Complete the 'Student Involvement' form. You can add multiple students in the same form.
    1. Name of student - Add the students full name.
    2. Type of student - Select the type of student.
    3. Please specify your instructional, evaluative... - Answer the listed questions in the space provided.
    4. Notes - You may add additional notes or attach documentation regarding the activity.
    5. Export current data - Select to download the form
      Open All Students - After the form is submitted, select this button to view the answers for all Students.
      Close All Students - After the form is submitted, select this button to close all of the student fields.
  5. Select the 'Add Student' button to add the student to the form. The answers to the questions will remain after you add the student. Modify the answers as needed for each student.
  6. Click the 'Submit Form' button to submit the formOnce submitted, the form will process through your campus approval workflow, which will vary per campus.

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