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All Activities

This article provides an overview of the All Activities tab. The All Activities tab displays all prior approval forms for units you have access to. You will see forms that are processing through the approval workflow, forms that have been approved, and forms that have not been submitted.

The All Activities tab of the Auditor workspace

  1. Activity List - List of activities.
  2. Activity Notes - The notes field is a way for faculty, reviewers, and approvers to communicate about an activity. Notes are not private and may be read by faculty, reviewers, and approvers with access to the activity. When an activity note has been added, the notes icon will turn gold and display the number of notes on the icon. 

    Open/Close - This expands the effort and earnings field. All reported effort and earnings for the activity will be listed in this section.

  3. Form/Queue - These are the forms awaiting review and approval. The current status of the prior approval form is listed on top of the form.

  4. Filter Forms by Type - Use the filters to view specific forms with specific form status.

  5. Export Current Data - Click this button to download the data into a spreadsheet.

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