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Student Involvement Forms

This article describes how to locate and approve/acknowledge student involvement forms in UC OATS. As an approver, you will review the form and confirm there is enough information for you to make a decision. You can either approve/acknowledge the form or send the form back to a reviewer or faculty member to request additional information. 

To review a Student Involvement form:

  1. Confirm you are in the correct fiscal year. Faculty can submit prior approval forms for different fiscal years, so you may need to toggle between fiscal years to view all forms in your queue.

    UC OATS Approver Workspace

  2. Click on the 'Forms & Activities' button and the 'Forms Approval Pending' tab.
    The 'Forms Approval Pending' tab is your queue. All prior approval forms awaiting your approval within the selected fiscal year will be displayed. 
  3. Locate and click on the Student Involvement form you want to review.
  4. Verify the Student Involvement form contains all the necessary information to make a decision. Top half of the category 1 form
  5. Check the 'Notes' field for additional information and attachments.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the form to see available actions. 

    Approver Options:

    • Mark As: Approved - Selecting 'Approved' will move the form forward to the next level of review and approval (if necessary).
    • Mark As: Acknowledged - Selecting 'Acknowledged' will move the form forward to the next level of review and approval (if necessary).
    • Denied: This option is available to the final approver. 
    • Return To: Reviewer - Selecting this option will return the form one step back to the reviewer. In the space provided, enter a detailed reason why the form is being returned to the reviewer.
    • Return To: Faculty - Select this option if further information is needed by the faculty member in order for you to make a decision. Enter a detailed reason for the return in the space provided.
  7. Click the 'Submit Action' button.

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