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Managing Faculty's Email Notifications

By default, faculty are subscribed to all system email notifications. However, if a faculty member requests to unsubscribe to an email type, you can make the changes for them. Faculty do not have the option to manage their own email subscriptions. This article will demonstrate how to manage a faculty member's email notifications. 

To manage a faculty member's email notifications:

  1. Select the Faculty button.
    all faculty UC OATS page
  2. Select the All Faculty tab.
    • De-select the Faculty with Outside Activities checkbox.
  3. The faculty within your department will be listed. Locate and select the faculty member's name to view the Faculty Details Page. If you are a reviewer for more than one department use the Filter by division option to view faculty in a different department.
  4. Select the Manage Notifications button.
    manage notifications button for faculty
  5. Adjust the faculty's email notifications. Click Submit to finalize the changes.
    email notification options


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