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Separating Faculty in UC OATS

This article shows you how to process a faculty member's separation in UC OATS. Before a faculty member separates from the university, it is important that they first complete annual certification for the current fiscal year.

  • Only reviewers with the 'Faculty Status Change' role can mark a faculty as separated.
  • Faculty will have access to UC OATS until the university removes their UC logon rights. 

To separate an employee in UC OATS:

  1. Select the correct fiscal year for the separation.
    UC OATS All Faculty Page. Shows list of faculty members
  2. Select the Faculty button.
  3. Select the All Faculty tab and deselect the Faculty with Outside Activities filter to view all faculty.
  4. Locate the faculty who is separating from the university and click on their name.
  5. In the Fiscal Status section, do the following:UC OATS Faculty status page for an APM025 faculty member. Shows the Fiscal Status options
    • Select the Separated check box
    • Enter the Separation Date
    • Select the Reason for separation (Separated, Deceased, Retired, Other)
    • Select the Enable Annual Certification check box to enable annual certification for the selected year. If you would like to enable annual certification for multiple years, you will need to change the fiscal year and follow this process again.
  6. Select Update to finalize the changes. No automated email is sent to the faculty member, so you will need to notify the faculty member when they can login and complete their annual certification.

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