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Including Faculty in 240-246 Report

This article provides instructions on how to include a faculty member in the 240-246 report that is sent to annually to UCOP. Typically, this report is meant for faculty who are under the APM 240 (Deans) and  APM 246 (Faculty Administrators 100% time) policy. 

  • Only reviewers with the 'Faculty Status Change' role can include a faculty member in the 240-246 report.

To add a faculty member to the 240-246 report: 

  1. Select the 'Faculty' button to view the list of faculty within your assigned unit(s).Faculty page
  2. Locate and select the faculty member's name. You may need to deselect the 'Faculty with Outside Activities' filter to view all faculty.
  3. On the Faculty Details page, select the 'Include in 240-246' checkbox. Faculty details page
  4. Select the 'Back to faculty list' button to return to the list of faculty members. 

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