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Faculty & Fiscal Status Indicator

This article reviews the Faculty & Fiscal Status Indicator. The Faculty Status and Fiscal Status indicators enable reviewers with the 'Faculty Status Change' role to make varies changes to a faculty member's account. 

To view the Faculty and Fiscal Status indicators: 

  1. Select the 'Faculty' button.The UC OATS Faculty Status and Fiscal Status section of the Faculty Details page.
  2. Select the 'All Faculty' tab.
  3. Click on the faculty's name.
  4. Now you can manage the faculty member's faculty and fiscal status. These fields will only be active for reviewers with the 'Faculty Status Change' role.
    The UC OATS Faculty Status and Fiscal Status section of the Faculty Details page.


The faculty Status Indicator enables reviewers with the "Faculty Status Change" role to make the following changes:

Faculty Status:

  • Leave to engage in outside activity - This option may be selected when a faculty member goes on leave from the university to engage in an outside professional activity. Selecting this option does not change system functionality for the faculty member. It is simply an FYI for other reviewers. On the "All Faculty" tab you can filter by faculty who are on leave.The leave filter option on the All faculty tab
  • Override time threshold - This option enables the reviewer to change the faculty member's time threshold. Visit the Overriding Faculty's Time Threshold article to learn how to change the threshold.

Fiscal Status:

  • Include in 240-246 report - When this option is selected it will include the faculty member in the 240-246 annual report that is sent to UCOP. The Application Administrator for your campus has access to this report.
  • Separated - This option may be selected when a faculty member is leaving the university. There is an option to make the Annual Certification button available to the faculty member so they can complete their annual certification before departing from the university. To learn more visit the Separating Faculty (Annual Certification) article. You can also filter by faculty who have separated from the university on the "All Faculty" tab.The Fiscal Status option showing the option to separate a faculty member and enable the annual certification button

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