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Report Effort/Time (Academic Year Faculty)

This article provides instructions on how to report effort on an activity. UC OATS calculates the time in hours rather than days. As a faculty member, you should report up to a maximum of 8 hours any day you engage in a Category I or Category II activity. For traditional or hybrid in-person instructional formats (lectures, discussions), every 6 contact or "podium" hours spent with students equals 1 day.

  • 1 Day = 8 Hours
  • 1 Day = 6 Podium Hours - traditional or hybrid in-person instructional formats (lectures, discussions)

To report effort:

  1. Locate the activity in your workspace, then click the "Report Effort" button.

  2. Complete the form and select if you are reporting effort for the academic term or summer term. After you select a term you can enter the start and end date of the effort.  

    Academic Term

    Summer Term

  3. Click the "Report" button to save the effort. The time threshold bar will automatically adjust to include the reported effort.

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