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Request to Exceed Time Threshold Form

This article will show you how to complete the Exceed TH Prior Approval Request form. The Time dashboard displays your time threshold and the number of hours you have reported.

  • The first green bar represents the number of hours you have reported that are within your time threshold
  • The gold bar represents the total number of hours that have exceeded your time threshold

If you exceed your time threshold an “Exceed TH Prior Approval Request” form will be generated within the Form/Queue column with a "Not Submitted" status. You will need to complete this form and submit it for approval. 

Important Note:
  • ***If you have multiple unsubmitted Request to Exceed TH forms for an activity, you may delete the excess forms and only submit one form. 

To complete the Request to Exceed TH form: 

  1. Select the "Exceed TH Prior Approval Request" form.

  2. Enter an estimate of how many hours you expect to devote to the activity.
    Note: Once the Exceed Effort form is approved, your activity threshold will adjust. If you exceed your approved activity time threshold, another Exceed Effort Threshold form will be generated. To prevent multiple forms, it is good practice to provide a generous estimate of how much time you plan on devoting to the activity. 

  3. Click the "Request Approval" button to submit the formOnce submitted, the form will process through your campus approval workflow, which will vary per campus. You will receive an email notification with the decision or if the form is returned to you. 


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