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Renew Category I Form

This article provides instructions on how to renew eligible Category I Forms. A pop-up disclaimer will appear when a renewable Category I form is within 60 days of expiration or has already expired.

  • The Category I Renew feature can only be used once.  If you delete the renewed Category I form, you will not have an option to use the renew function again. Instead, you will need to submit a new Category I form. 

To renew a Category I form:

  1. Review the pop-up disclaimer and click the "Close" button.
  2. Confirm you are in the correct fiscal year.
  3. Click on the Category I form that needs to be renewed.
  4. Click on the "Copy" button to generate a new Category I form. You will need to provide some information but most of the data will copy over.
  5. Complete the Category I form. You will need to complete the last date in which you are seeking approval, update the relationship you will have with this entity, and the estimated number of hours for the annual period.
  6. Click the "Request Approval" button to submit.
  7. The Category I form will be added to your workspace and will process through the approval workflow.

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