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Recall & Add Students to the Student Involvement form

This article demonstrates how to add new students to an approved Student Involvement form. Anytime you involve students in outside professional activities (Category I, II, III) you are required to request permission. 

To add new students to a Student Involvement form:

  1. Locate the activity and click on the Student Involvement form.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on the "Edit" button.
  3. Enter the reason why you are recalling and editing the Student Involvement form in the space provided and then click "Submit." The Student Involvement form will be recalled and the status of the form will be changed to "Not Submitted".
  4. Click on the Student Involvement form.
  5. Complete the 'Student Involvement' form. You can add multiple students in the same form.
  6. Select the 'Add Student' button to add the student to the form. The form will allow you to add additional students, if necessary. 
  7. Click the 'Submit Form' button to submit the formOnce submitted, the form will process through your campus approval workflow, which will vary per campus.

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