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Annual Certification with Outstanding Forms

This article will help you understand the purpose of the Annual Certification with Outstanding Forms queue and what you can do to help move a prior approval form.

Annual Certifications can only be reviewed once all prior approval forms have received a final decision (Approved/Acknowledge/Denied). The Annual Certifications that are ready for review are placed in your Annual Certification queue.

Annual Certifications with prior approval forms that are still being processed through the approval workflow will be placed in the "Annual Certification with Outstanding Forms" queue. This queue will list all of the prior approval forms that need to finish the review process and whose queue those forms are in. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to those individuals if you would like to get those forms moving. Once all prior approval forms have finished processing the Annual Certification will be moved to "Annual Certifications in my Queue" and you will be able to review them.

AC with outstanding forms queue.


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