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Annual Certification

This article shows you how to review annual certification reports. Faculty members are required to file certification of adherence to the APM 025 policy each fiscal year; even if they did not engage in any outside professional activities during the year. When faculty submit their annual certification reports, you will receive a daily and/or weekly email notification letting you know there are items in your queue to review. 

To review annual certification reports:

  1. Go to the 'Fiscal Year' indicator and click the back arrow to go to the previous fiscal year. UC OATS Reviewer workspace.
  2. Click on the 'Annual Cert.' button and the 'AC In My Queue' tab. 
  3. Annual certification reports are divided into three queues; 'All', 'Without Activities', and 'With Activities'. Select a queue. 
    Please note: You have the ability to bulk review annual certification reports with no outside activities.
  4. Click on the annual certification report. 
  5. Review the annual certification report.UC OATS Reviewer workspace.
    Academic year faculty: The Annual Certification report for academic year faculty includes summer information.
    UC OATS Reviewer workspace.
  6. Check the 'Notes' field for additional information and attachments.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the form to see available actions. 

    • Reviewed - Select "Reviewed" if the form is ready to be sent to the approver (Department Chair, Dean, etc.)
    • Send Back to Faculty - Select this option if further information is needed by the faculty member in order for the approver to make a decision. When this option is selected, a 'Note' field will appear. Enter a detailed reason why the form is being returned to the faculty member and what you would like that faculty member to do. Once the faculty member makes the corrections and resubmits the form, it will process through the approval workflow again.
    • Add Alternate Approver - If there is a conflict of interest between the faculty member and the approver (e.g. they are married, family, etc.), you may select an alternate approver. To add an alternate approver, click the 'Add Alternate Approver' button and select a person from the drop-down menu. If there is no alternate approver available in the system, contact your supervisor. Your supervisor may contact your campus OATS administrator to request the addition of an alternate approver to your department. 
  8. Click the 'Submit Action' button.

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