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Return Form & Annual Certification Together

This article will show you what to do if you need to return a prior approval form to a faculty member after they submitted their Annual Certification (AC). 

Issue: Faculty must submit all of their prior approval forms before they can submit their AC. Once their AC is submitted, their workspace is locked for that fiscal year. If a form is returned while the AC is still processing, both the form and AC will get stuck. The faculty will not have the option to modify the form(s) and the final approver will not have the ability to accept the AC.

Solution: To resolve this issue, both the Category I form and Annual Certification needs to be returned to the faculty member. Once the updates to the form are submitted, the faculty can resubmit the Annual Certification. 

e.g. Faculty cannot edit or resubmit the returned Category I form.
UC OATS Reviewer workspace.
e.g. Department Chair cannot accept the Faculty's Annual Certification until the Category I form is finalized.UC OATS Reviewer workspace.

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