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Adding Notes and Attachments

This article shows you how to add notes and attachments to an activity. The activity notes field is a way for faculty, reviewers, and approvers to communicate about an activity and prior approval forms. The notes are not private. Faculty, reviewers, and approvers with access to the activity can view the notes and attachments.

To add an activity note,

  1. Locate the activity in your workspace.
  2. Click on the notes icon.
    Activity with the notes field highlighted
  3. Click the "Add Activity Note" button.
    The activity notes with the Add Activity Note button highlighted
  4. Enter your message and add attachments, if necessary.
    Activity note field. There is a message field and an attachment button.
  5. Select the 'Email Notification to faculty' checkbox to send the faculty member an email notification regarding the activity note. Below is an example of the email notification the faculty member will receive.Notification email when a new note is added.
  6. Click "Add Note" to save it. 
  7. If you need to remove the note, select the 'Delete File' option.


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