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Resolving Data Errors

This article provides an overview on how to resolve data import issues. When data files are imported into UC OATS there are three possible statuses: 1) Valid and processed / Complete Successful, 2) Invalid, and 3) Complete with Exceptions. This article will focus on the "Invalid" and "Complete with Exceptions" statuses for faculty data imports and staff data imports. To learn more about importing data visit the following articles; Department Data Import , Faculty Data ImportStaff Data Import

When a faculty or staff data file is uploaded into UC OATS the system will check to make sure the data file is valid and free from errors. The following is the system workflow:

system workflow for uploaded data files

The following will provide details on how to resolve data import issues.

  • Invalid - There is an issue with the file.
    • The file is not in tab delimited format
    • There is no data in the file
    • A file column(s) have been removed
  • Complete with Exceptions - The system was unable to process some of the records.
    • The reasons for this status will vary
    • All records that could not be processed will be placed into a file download along with the reason for the error.

To resolve the data import errors,

  1. From the faculty data import or staff data import section, click on the file name to view the "Ingest File Details" log. faculty data import or staff data import section
  2. The "Ingest File Details" log will show you the data upload details. If the file status is "Complete with Exception", click the "Download" button to download the data set that did not get processed.
    faculty ingest file details
  3. Open the downloaded data file in Excel. The file will show only records with errors. The reason for the errors will be in the errors column. 
    example of data exported into a spreadsheet
  4. Fix the errors, upload the data file. To learn more about the data import process visit the Department Data ImportFaculty Data ImportStaff Data Import articles.


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