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Data Import Tab Overview

This article will provide an overview of the data import tab. The data import tab enables App. Admins. to upload faculty, staff, and department data into UC OATS. The department data is uploaded by the technical partner as part of the initial set up of UC OATS at each campus. After this initial set up, campuses may upload faculty and staff data as often as needed to keep UC OATS data up-to-date. 

  • Please contact the technical partner if you need to delete a department. Deleting a department can interrupt prior approval workflows.
  • The faculty data file you upload must include all faculty appointments. Faculty data uploads wipe out all current faculty data. 
  • The staff data file does not need to include all staff appointments. Staff data uploads do not wipe out current staff date; it only adds new data.

data import tab overview

The following is an overview of the Data Import tab: 

  1. Data Import sections - There are three data import options: (1) Departments Data Import (2) Faculty Data Import (3) Staff Data Import. The three data import sections are almost identical except for the department data. It does not have a "Files" tab or "Import" tab at the top.
  2. Files and Imported tabs - The "Files" tab is the main data import page. 
  3. Upload Ingest button - Select this button to upload the applicable data file. Remember, the only data file format that is accepted is the tab-delimited file format.
  4. File List - The list of files will show you files that have been previously uploaded. 
    • Upload ID - This is a random ID that UC OATS gives the file when it is uploaded. 
    • File Name - Click on the file name to view file details. Data file uploads with errors will include a file download of the errors so they could be resolved and re-uploaded. To learn more visit the Resolving Data Errors article.
      faculty ingest file details
    • File Status - This is the current status of the file. There are three main file statuses:
      • Valid and processed - The file was successfully uploaded and processed.
      • Complete with exceptions - The system was unable to process some of the records. To learn more visit the Resolving Data Errors article.
      • Invalid - There is an issue with the file. (1) The file is not in tab delimited format, (2) there is no data in the file, (3) file columns have been removed.
    • # of Errors - The total number of errors found in the file. 
    • Actions buttons
      • Download - Download the listed data file.
      • Delete - Delete the data file. Deleting the file does not delete the records that were uploaded into UC OATS. Deleting the file only removes the file from the list.


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