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Managing Email Templates

This article provides details on how to manage email templates in UC OATS. The Notification/Email tab is where your campus email templates and email logs are located. The content and timing of the emails can be customized to meet your campus's needs. 

  • Please contact the UC OATS technical partner to:
    • Change any of the variables in the email templates
    • Set or change the timing when manual email templates are sent out. For example, the Annual Certification email reminder is sent out by the UC OATS technical partner based on the dates each campus provides.

To modify an email template,

  1. Click on the "App Admin" button to open the Application Administrator workspace.Application Administrator workspace page
  2. Select the "Notifications/Email" tab.
  3. Locate the email template you would like to modify and click the "Edit" button.
  4. Make the appropriate changes and then click "Submit".form for editing the email template
    e.g. Email Exampleexample of email

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