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Campus-Specific Help Text

This article demonstrates how to manage the campus-specific help text that is available to faculty in their workspace. In the faculty workspace there are two types of help text available:

  • Definitions [grey field] - definitions are the same for all campuses and typically include APM policy-specific details or general tips
  • Campus-specific help text [green field] - campus-specific help text to help faculty complete each of the forms

Note: The definition and help text fields only appear in the faculty workspace if there is content in them. If no content is added, the fields will not be visible.

Application Administrator workspace page

To manage the campus-specific help text for your campus:

  1. Select the "App Admin" button.
    Application Administrator workspace page
  2. Select the "Help Text & Definitions" tab.
  3. There are seven forms in the faculty workspace where help text is available. Select the Form ID link to view the help text for each form.
  4. Click the "Edit" button for each of the listed questions to add or modify the help text. If no text is added, the help text field will not appear in the faculty workspace.
    Application Administrator workspace page
  5. Add the help text and then click "Submit". The help text will be available immediately in the faculty workspace.Application Administrator workspace page


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