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UC OATS Sandbox

This article provides an overview of the UC OATS Sandbox. The UC OATS Sandbox is a non-live version of UC OATS. The sandbox is updated daily with the previous day's data. Any changes made in the sandbox will not affect the live version of UC OATS. With the sandbox, you can impersonate a particular faculty member within the sandbox environment by using the "Become" feature. 

To access your campus sandbox:

  1. Locate your campus sandbox and then log in with your campus login credentials
    image of the sandbox login page
    1. Server URL: The URL will show that you are logged into the training/sandbox environment.
    2. Site banner: The sandbox will display a banner, "This is NOT your live site...".

Become Feature

The "Become" feature enables you to log in as a faculty member in the UC OATS sandbox. Logging in as a faculty member can help you better assist a faculty who need assistance navigating UC OATS.

To access the "Become" feature: 

  1. Log into your campus sandbox
  2. Select the "Faculty" buttonimage of the sandbox login page
  3. Locate the faculty member and select the "Become" button. 
  4. You will then be logged into the faculty member's sandbox environment. To switch back to your sandbox account you will need to log out as the faculty member, and then log back into the sandbox with your login credentials. You will need to do this anytime you use the "Become" feature.

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