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Managing Email Notifications

This article will show you how to manage your email notification settings in UC OATS.

Managing Email Notifications

You have the option of turning on/off email some UC OATS email notifications. To confirm/adjust email notifications:

  1. Sign into your UC OATS workspace and select Notifications at the top right of the page
    Top of dashboard page showing notifications button
  2. Add a checkmark next to the emails you would like to receive and deselect the emails you no longer want to receive. Click Save.
    list of options for managing email notifications
    Notification Name Description

    Email sent out when a faculty request an update in the Activity Type/Role of an activity.

    You may disregard this option. No longer applicable

    Stock Valuation Entered

    General Campus Reviewers can disregard this email option. Health Science Reviewers assigned the 'Stock Evaluator' role will receive an email notification anytime new stock payments have been entered by faculty within their unit(s). 

    Summary of all the approval requests submitted in the day (Cat 1, Exceed TH, Student Involvement and Retain Earnings)

    This option will send you a daily email notification of all new forms that were submitted the previous day. You will receive this notification first thing in the morning. 

    Weekly summary of the approval requests that has been submitted (Cat 1, Exceed TH, Student Involvement and Retain Earnings)

    This option will send you weekly email notifications of all new forms that were submitted the previous week. You will receive this email notification Monday morning.

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