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Annual Certification - with Activities

This article provides instructions on how to submit your annual certification reports. You are required to file an adherence to the policy each fiscal year; even if you did not engage in any outside professional activities during the year. When it is time to submit your annual certification report, you will receive an email notification and the annual certification button will become available in your UC OATS workspace.

Important Notes: 

  • Annual Certification reports have no expiration date
  • Denied Category 1 activities with no reported effort/earnings are not included in the annual certification report
  • The Annual Certification report will only show hours that count against your time threshold
  • Health Science faculty: Category 3 activities are not included in the annual certification report
  • Deans (APM 240) and Full-time Faculty Administrators (APM 246): Compensated Category 3 activities are included in the annual certification report

To complete annual certification:

  1. Click the "Annual Certification" button. 

  2. Select the fiscal year you are certifying from the list.

  3. View and confirm the list of reported activities is accurate and up to date. Once confirmed, click the "Certify Activities" button.

  4. Read the certification statement and then enter your initials.

  5. Click the "Submit" button. Your annual certification report has been submitted and will process through the approval workflow.
  6. You can view your annual certification details, notes, and historical actions on the certification page.

  7. Click the "Back to your Summary Page" to return to your workspace.

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