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Annual Certification - Action Required

This article provides information on annual certification reports that require further action. You will receive an error message when submitting your annual certification report if:

  • You have unsubmitted prior approval forms in UC OATS (Category I, Student Involvement, Exceed TH, etc.)
  • No effort has been reported on an activity
  • A stock payment that has not been valuated

Unsubmitted Prior Approval Forms

You will receive an error message if there are prior approval forms that have not been submitted for the year you are certifying. All prior approval forms must be submitted before you can complete your annual certification.

To resolve the error: 

  1. Review the error message and click the 'OK' button. 
  2. View the error message(s). Select the 'Show only activities preventing certification' to view activities that need attention. 
  3. Click the "Back to your workspace" button to return to your workspace.
  4. Confirm you are in the fiscal year you are certifying.

  5. Locate the activity with the form(s) that have the "Not Submitted" status. Click on the form to open it.
  6. Complete the form and then click the "Request Approval" button to send it through the approval workflow. Repeat this process for all forms with the "Not Submitted" status.
  7. Once this is complete, the system will allow you to submit your annual certification. 

No Reported Earnings / Effort

Activities with no reported effort will be flagged with a message asking you to return to your workspace and report effort. If you have no effort to report, you can disregard this message. The system will not prevent you from submitting your annual certification due to no reported effort. 

To resolve the issue:

  1. Click the "Back to your summary page" button to return to your workspace.

  2. Confirm you are in the fiscal year you are certifying.

  3. Locate the activity that has no reported earnings/effort. If you engaged in the activity during the selected fiscal year, report your earnings/effort. If you did not engage in the activity, you may delete the activity from your workspace.
  4. Once this is complete, you may complete the annual certification process.

Pending Stock Valuation

All reported stock payments must be valued before you can submit your Annual Certification. If you try to submit your Annual Certification before the stock is valued you will receive the below error message with the name(s) of the Stock Evaluator(s) in charge of valuing your stock payment. Feel free to reach out to the listed stock evaluator(s) to ask them to process your stock. There may be some additional documentation they need from you. Once the stock payment is valued you can submit your Annual Certification.

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