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Annual Certification Reports

This article shows you how to view annual certification reports. Faculty members are required to file certification of adherence to the APM 025 policy each fiscal year; even if they did not engage in any outside professional activities during the year. There are three Annual Certification reports available to you in OATS; "Forms not submitted", "Forms in process", and "Forms accepted". 
UC OATS Reviewer workspace.

To access the annual certification reports:

  1. Go to the "Fiscal Year" indicator and click the back arrow to go to the previous fiscal year. 
  2. Click on the "Annual Certification" button. 
  3. In the "Read Only" section, there are three reports available.
    • Forms not submitted - this report shows a list of faculty who have not yet submitted their annual certification. You will only see faculty within units you have access to.
    • Forms in process - this report shows a list of annual certification reports that have been submitted and are processing through the approval workflow.
    • Forms accepted - this report shows a list of annual certification reports that have received final acceptance. Click on a form to view the annual certification details and a PDF version of the approved annual certification form.UC OATS Reviewer workspace.
  4. Click the "Export Current Data" button to export the report into a spreadsheet.

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