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Adding an Alternate Approver

This article describes how to add an Alternate Approver to a prior approval form. If an approver is not available to process prior approval forms (on vacation,etc.), you may select an alternate approver. When an alternate approver is selected, the form will route to the selected alternate approver, rather than the approver (Chair, Dean, etc.) for the department/unit. 

To add an alternate approver, 

  1. Go to the "Action" section of the form (bottom of the form). The action section of a prior approval form
  2. Click the "Add Alternate Approver" button.
  3. Select an alternate approver from the drop-down menu.The Add Alternate Approver drop-down menu
  4. Click the "Add" button.

    The alternate approver is added to the form. You can remove them by clicking on the "Remove" button.The alternate approver added to the form


No Alternate Approver available in the system?
Alternate approvers must be assigned in UC OATS by your campus OATS administrator. Visit your campus OATS site (links to the right of this article) for your OATS administrators contact information.


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