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Duplicate Activity Found Pop-up

This article provides an overview of the "Duplicate Activity Found" pop-up. When you enter a new activity into UC OATS, the system will check to see if you are entering a duplicate activity. There are three criteria that are checked:

  • Organization Name
  • Activity Name
  • Activity Type(s)/ Role(s)

If these three are an exact match for another activity, you will receive a pop-up. You can continue to create the activity or you can cancel and report effort under the applicable activity.

Best Practice: It is best practice to enter one activity per organization unless the activity type(s)/Role(s) differ. This will help save you time and reduce confusion for reviewers.

When you enter an activity into UC OATS, the system will check to see if you have already entered a similar activity. 

  1. UC OATS will check: Organization Name, Activity Name, and Activity Type(s)/Role(s).
  2. If there is a match for all three criteria a pop-up disclaimer will appear. You can either continue creating the activity or close the activity form and enter effort under the related activity

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