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Analytics Role Overview

This article provides details about the Analytics role that is assigned to select staff. If you would like to inquire about receiving the Analytics role, please contact your campus App Admin for assistance.

The Analytics button is available in UC OATS for staff with the Analytic User role. The reports display data from units assigned to you as an Auditor.

reports tab page
Presently, there are three reports available:

  • Unit Processing Time Reports: This report will show how long each unit on your campus takes to process each type of prior approval form and annual certification. 
  • Acknowledged/Approved Report: This report will show you how many Approvers in UC OATS are using the Approved and Acknowledged actions at each level.
  • Cat I Prior Approval Non-Compliance Report: The Cat I Prior Approval Non-Compliance Report analyzes faculty and staff members' answers to the, "Have you engaged in the activity before receiving permission?" question. 

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