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Outstanding Form(s) Preventing AC

This article explains why the "Outstanding form(s) preventing AC" message appears in some annual certifications.

Before an annual certification can be accepted, all prior approval forms for the certified fiscal year must first be finalized (approved, denied, or deleted). You will see the "Outstanding form(s) preventing AC" message in an annual certification if:

  • A prior approval form(s) is still processing through the approval workflow. The form will show where it is currently processing (e.g. APO Reviewer, etc.). 
  • A prior approval form was returned to the faculty member. Forms that have been returned to a faculty member will show the "Not Submitted" status.
    • When the faculty member submits their annual certification their workspace is locked and does not allow for any changes for the submitted fiscal year. 
    • If a prior approval form was returned to a faculty member, you will need to return the annual certification to the faculty member as well. Returning the annual certification will unlock the faculty's workspace and enable them to modify and resubmit their prior approval form(s) and annual certification. 

Here is an example of an annual certification with the "Outstanding form(s) preventing AC" message.

Annual certification form that cannot be processed because a form is still processing.

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