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UC OATS Server Environments

This article provides an overview of the four UC OATS servers you have access to:

  • Production
  • Release
  • Training

Server Type Overview

There are a total of four UC OATS servers for each campus. The following will provide a brief description of each server. 

Server Type Description Users
Production The production server is the official UC OATS environment used daily by your campus. This is the server you use to conduct daily UC OATS business. Faculty, Reviewers, Approvers, Auditors, App Admins
Release The release server contains the latest UC OATS features/bug fixes. When a UC OATS release is ready for production, it will first be pushed to the release server so you can test the changes in the release environment before they are made live in production. Please note, that the release server will not always be available. The release server will be up and running when there are new releases ready for you to review. App Admins


The sandbox server is a copy of the previous day's data. Reviewers can use the sandbox to become a particular faculty member in UC OATS. Becoming a faculty member gives you access to a copy of the faculty's workplace. The changes you make in this environment will not affect the production environment. 

App Admins

Additional Details

The following are a few additional details you need to know about the non-production UC OATS servers (release, sandbox, preview).

image of release server login page
  1. Server URL: The URL displays which server you are on. 
  2. Site banner: Non-production sites will display a banner at the top of the page, "This is NOT your live site...".
  3. Log in: Click the "Log in" button and log in with your campus login credentials.

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