Release Notes

The current release is marked by the blue area below. Click on the previous releases below to view details of that release.

Release 3.50.8 October 3, 2020


   - Add Secondary Departments to the "Faculty" Tab in Review Workspace. Enhancement Request UC OATS 3.16

Bug Fixes:

   - Fixed error for one faculty occurring after Annual Certifcation was accepted- had 2 AC forms.

   - Faculty confusion from AC page returning "You have already certified X number of activities..." when the form is still in the not submitted state.

   - Summer hours are no longer being reported against the academic year for threshold.

   - Alternate approver selection list- names were appearing twice when attempting to add an alternate approver for annual certification.

   - 'Update Summer Salary' button not enabled if faculty response is "No" to "Are you receiving Summer salary?" question.

   - Report Effort dialog- fixed error message relating to date widget and reporting of effort.

   - Editing Activity - "Do you plan to involve student(s) ..." option- fixed an error in the dialog box.

   - Faculty navigating to a prior fiscal year with no appointment information results in the system generating fiscal settings. Faculty is not allowed to navigate to a prior FY if they have no appointment for that FY.

   - Fixed Reviewer and Approval tabs reloading multiple times based on filters.

Release 3.50.0 September 21, 2020


   - Internal: JWT Module to enhance the data access and load REST APIs.

   - Data Access API:  - Retrieve a faculty's reported information for a fiscal year.

   - Data Access API: – All Faculty information and their reported activities for a fiscal year. Data will be updated on a weekly basis.

   - Data Access API:  – All faculty and their reported activities and effort information for a fiscal year. Data will be updated on a weekly basis.

   - Include activity and faculty information in email notifications sent to reviewers when a faculty is requesting an update to an activity. Additional information included are as follows: 1. Link to the Faculty profile page 2. Faculty's first name, last name, and email. 3. Activity label 4. Fiscal Year 5. Edit Request comment. #reviewer #all_policies

   - Data Access API:  - Retrieve a faculty's reported information for a fiscal year

   - Data Access API:  – All Annual certifications submitted by faculty

   - Data Access API:  – All faculty annual certifications for a fiscal year

Bug Fixes:

   - The activity summary report section of the Faculty's Annual Certification form is incorrect when multiple activities have the same activity label and multiple income/effort records reported at different time.

Use case. Note the income 1c is entered after Activity 2 (income 2b). Activity 1 - labeled "Activity A" Income 1A - entered on 08/01/2019 Income 1B - entered on 08/02/2019 Income 1C - entered on 09/02/2019 Activity 2 - labeled "Activity A" Income 2A - entered on 08/06/2019 Income 2B - entered on 08/07/2019 Annual Certifications will report the following: Activity A Income 1A Income 1B Activity A Income 2A Income 2B Activity A Income 1C

   - On the category 1 form, the response to the question "Have you engaged in this activity before getting permission ..? " was preselected to "No". The fix is to not have a preselected response. #faculty #reviewer #approver #all_policies

   - Fix the issue with the links in the daily and weekly request forms in queue notifications. The links work when the reviewer/approver are already logged in on the browser. The issue was when users had to log in from the link before entering the system. #reviewer #approver #na_policies

   - 'Request to retain earnings' button to submit form is now displaying as intended.

   - Summer hours progress bar is based on the summer period within a calendar year not within a fiscal year. In the faculty landing page, the activity and income information is based on the fiscal year, wheres the summer progress bar is based on the calendar year of the initial year of the fiscal year.

For example, in the faculty view of FY 19-20, the summer progress bar shows the summer period of 2019. The issue was that the summer progress bar did not include hours from prior fiscal year. Since summer 2019 was from June 15, 2019 to September 20,2019, the hours reported from June 15 to June 30,2019 for FY 18-19 was factored in the display.

   - Typo on the faculty summer hour reporting dialog. Updated label from "Enter days recieving salary" to "Enter days receiving salary". #APM025_policy #academic_term

Release 3.49.0 August 16, 2020

Bug Fixes:

   - The Note tab for Category 1 form under the Approver view was not displaying. Also, in certain cases the notes appear below the Category 1 form.

   - Internal issue: In certain cases the Ingest process was not logging the steps.

   - Internal issue: Faculty navigating forward to the next fiscal year was using a fix date range instead of the date range specified in the database.


   - Enhance the with search functionality to help find revelant content.

   - Add a restriction under the "Copy" feature on the faculty page to prevent an activity from being copied more than once.

   - Update the faculty's Annual Certificate functionality. Clicking on the purple Annual Certification button now displays a popup listing the status of the Annual Certifications for each appointed year.

   - Improve UCOATS site security. This includes encrypting cookies and adding Content Security Policy (CSP).

Release 3.48.0 July 2, 2020


   - Update Summer UI for faculty with APM025 Academic Year per specification provided on (pages 4 and 5). Navigating away from fiscal year summer entry (if there any data changes) will notify user that the data will be lost if the user continues.

   - Feature to copy category 2 and 3 activities from previous fiscal year. Access to this feature is via the "Copy" button on the faculty index page. There is a restriction in place that prevents an activity from being copied more than once to any fiscal year.

   - Feature to renew Category 1 activities. There are two ways to access the feature. One is auto popup on the faculty login; A dialog box with expiring (60 days until approved to date) category 1 activities. The second way is a renew button on the activity listing under the faculty view.

   - Update the type of activities that are reported on the Faculty Annual Certification per Governance meeting. The following activities are reported -
1. include category 1 and 2 activities only (exception is point # 3)
2. Include category 1 and 2 activities with no income/effort reported.
3. For APM Policy 240 and 246 faculty report category 3 activities if there are effort/income records. Note: Reported income/effort on category 3 activities do not count against threshold.

   - Update the % Appointment to be consistent on all pages. The valid values will be between 0 and 100 for % Appointment. For example, in the prior releases, the faculty import expected values between 0 and 100, while in the UI to add faculty to a unit, the value for % Appointment was between 0 and 1. All pages that displays and updates FTE will be in percentage value.

   - New REST web service endpoints to receive and process staff data file and return exceptions file (if applicable).

   - Set responses to engage in prior to approval questions to empty prior to Release 3.46.0 going live (April 20, 2020 at 9:30 PM). The release included two new questions for Category 1 form inquiring whether the faculty submitting the form engaged in the activity prior to approval. One question is for the faculty and one is for staff reviewers/approvers to respond. The issue was that the default responses was set to "No" for both on the upgrade. This is incorrect as neither the faculty or staff responded prior to the date, since the questions were not available. This patch will set the response to 'N/A' for the two questions on the forms as follows:

1. Faculty question - If the submission of the form was prior to April 20, 2020 at 9:30 PM.
2. Staff question - if the last reviewed/approved action of the form was prior to April 20, 2020 at 9:30 PM.

   - Form State filters (where is the form in the routing process) are added to most of the reviewer, approver, and auditor pages.

Release 3.47.1 May 28, 2020

Bug Fixes

   - Fix bug in the dollar amount and time exceeding calculations to determine whether a new Exceeding Threshold (ET) form is created. The issue arises when an update to an effort/income record that triggered the ET form is updated and the total amount of the activity is less of what has been already approved for the activity in another ET forms.
Prior to the fix, if the faculty enters a new effort/income record for the same activity, the system factored in the old (before update) income or time values to determine whether a new Exceeding TH form is needed. As a result, a ET form is generated regardless of whether the new effort/income entry pierces the thresholds. Use Case: Faculty initially reports 1000 hrs for activity XYZ due to a extra sticky keyboard. The system creates a ET form. Faculty realizes mistake and corrects the time reported to 100 hrs. Faculty does not delete the ET form created and enters a new effort of 10 hrs for activity XYZ. System incorrectly creates a new ET form because it was using the 1000 hrs stored in the prior ET form.

Release 3.47.0 May 21, 2020

   - Update the text on the report hours/effort dialog (popup after a new activity is reported). The text is policy specific
For APM025: 'Please use the green "Report Effort" button under the Action column to enter the number of hours you devote to this activity. Entering the activity into UC OATS and reporting your efforts are separate actions as required by policy to allow you to keep a running record of the time you spend on outside professional activities.'
For APM671: 'Please use the green "Report Earnings/ Effort" button under the Action column to record the number of hours you devote to this activity and the income you receive. Entering the activity into UC OATS and reporting your efforts and earnings are separate actions as required by policy to allow you to keep a running records of the time you spend on outside professional activities.'

   - Upgrade the faculty import functionality. Additional validation checks in the import and details to the faculty import log.

   - Upgrade the staff import functionality. Additional validation checks in the import and details in the staff import log.

   - Change the response to "Will you be requesting a full- or part-time leave without pay to engage in this activity?" on Category 1 as optional.

   - New faculty notification when a prior approval form is sent back.

   - New faculty notification receipt confirmation of a prior approval form submission.

   - New search box under the "AP Review" tab of Reviewer pages. Searches faculty name columns in the subtabs (Forms Need My Review, Forms in Process,
Forms Approved, Annual Certifications, All Activities, Delete Activities).

   - New form type filters for subtabs "Forms in Process", "Forms Approved", and "All Activities" under "AP Review" tab of Reviewer pages.

   - Remove Faculty reporting effort/earning form's start and end date default values

   - On the final approver page for category 1 form, remove default date for "Approve to:".

   - Faculty attestation to all forms submitted, excluding AC I attest that my submittal is true

   - Add Approver attestation language for Annual Certification forms
The approver's signature affirms the form was received and reviewed. Corrective actions should be implemented for time reports (days) that are above the annual limit and for unapproved Category I activities

   - Add Faculty attestation language to Annual Certification forms specific to policy
671: I certify that I have complied with the provisions of the University of California Health Sciences Compensation Plan, the School of Medicine Health Science Compensation Plan Implementing Procedures, and my department's bylaws for the Plan regarding limitations on the retention of earnings and the time spent in outside professional activities.
025: I certify that I have complied with the provisions of APM -025 and have reported all Category I and II activities as required by policy.

   - New "All Faculty" tab for Auditor View

Bug Fixes

   - The report hours/effort dialog used to appear before the category 1 form when reporting an activity. The dialog now will not appear after the activity is submitted if is category 1.

   - Fix the issue when a reviewer has the role "Faculty status Change" and is viewing the faculty details page, the "Manage Notifications" button next to "ACTIONS:" disappears.

   - On the category 1 form, the date range inputs for "Will you be requesting a full- or part-time leave without pay to engage in this activity?" appears incorrectly below the "Have you engaged in the activity before receiving permission?". Resolved by moving the date range inputs below the full or part-time leave question.

Release 3.46.7 May 13, 2020

Bug Fixes

   - Fix bug that prevented overriding Faculty's time and income thresholds.

Release 3.46.4 May 8, 2020

Bug Fixes

   - Fixed bug that prevented daily emails going out to approvers and reviewers.

   - Fixed bug that prevented faculty from submitting Exceeding TH forms. This problem occurred depending on how the web browser treated to hours entered as text or number.

   - Do not report faculty title on Category 1 and Annual Certification forms.

   - Fixed bug that prevented faculty from deleting an Activity.

Release 3.46.1 April 25, 2020

Bug Fixes

   - Fix bug with historical routing log not displaying on the Annual Certification forms.

Release 3.46.0 April 21, 2020


   - The "Add faculty" dialog, under the App Administrator Department View page, search functionality will show faculty that are currently in the unit. The faculty is grayed out and not selectable.

   - New questions on Category 1 form regarding whether faculty engaged in activity prior to requesting approval. One question is for the faculty to respond and another one is for the staff.

   - Exclude faculty that are marked as separated from the Annual Certification tab report with "not submitted".

   - New "Separated" filter for the "All Faculty" tab under reviewer. Also, added a "separated" icon as visual for separated faculty.

   - All faculty notification template are configurable to CC reviewers and approvers in the form routing process. Please request this with the technical team.

   - New faculty notification when their income entry of stock type are valued by staff.

Bug Fixes

   - On the Exceeding Threshold form the dollar exceeding threshold field would prevent form submission under certain scenarios (rounding, comma). The common error message seen was "The amount of total annual earnings that are expected to exceed the threshold"

   - Add instructional language on top of the "Edit Activity Type Role" on how to edit the activity and send notification to reviewer in the routing process of forms.

   - Update labels for Stock option remuneration type. If more than 30 days, the label for "Fair Mark Value at Time of Offer" is displayed as "Fair Market Value at time of disclosure".

   - Enable customizable Staff email notification template for the case faculty submits an income record of any of the stock type remunerations.

   - Address the issue with Auditor UI - "Under Review" tab was not reporting empty

   - Fix issue with Reviewers and Approvers pages not displaying forms (or preventing a view action) submitted by faculty that have a secondary appointment in one of their units.

Release 3.45.4 March 30, 2020

Bug Fixes

    - Fix a bug that prevented Reviewers and Approvers from printing Annual Certifications for faculty under APM025 .

Release 3.45.2 March 24, 2020

Bug Fixes

    - Remove non supported characters from file names that are uploaded as an attachment for an activity note. The characters are ', `, ~,?, =, [, ], {,},+, $, \", / and \ . This prevented staff and faculty from downloading the note attachment.

    - Reviewers' "All faculty" tab will now list faculty that have a nonprimary unit appointment within one of the reviewers' units. The exception are nonprimary units that rely on primary.

    - Resolve issue with Academic Affairs and Vice Chancellor offices' reviewers and approvers pages not listing faculty's activites/forms at the department and school level in certain circumstances.

Release 3.45.1 March 17, 2020

Bug Fixes

   - Resolve issue with faculty UI dashboard (earnings and time TH on top of page) not reflecting the correct income thresholds when a faculty salary overrides occur.

   - Remove the time threshold freeze when the earnings threshold is reached. This bug was introduced in release 3.45.0 as part of freezing income threshold when the time threshold is reached before the settings and policy values calculated income threshold. See release notes for more details.

Release 3.45.0 March 13, 2020


   - Consider the response to "Type" field (below organization name field) option of "unknown" as an equivalent response as "For Profit". Currently the type response is used to determine whether an activity is counted as a External Review Board for APM240 or APM246 policies. In other words if "Unknown" is selected it will count as a For Profit Board for Deans and Faculty Admins.

   - Use Time Threshold in determining earnings threshold for policies 671, 240 with 671 or 246 with 671. If a faculty's time threshold is pierced prior to the faculty's earnings threshold is reached, the new earnings threshold will be the lower of the computed earnings threshold (combination of settings/salary) or the total reported earnings at the time threshold was reached. The computed based on the settings/salary are prioritized as follows : manual override, 40% of salary, primary appointment override and policy specific - currently 40K for earnings and 384 hours for time.

Example: FY 19-20 Joe Bruin's earnings threshold is 55K and time threshold is 384 hours. As of March 11, 2020 Joe has reported 40K for earnings and 380 hours for effort. Note the cases below are independent.

Case 1: March 22, 2020 Joe reports 4 hours for effort and $400 for income. Since Joe reached the time threshold of 384, his new earnings threshold is $40,400.

Case 2: March 20, 2020 Joe reports 5 hours of effort and $20,000 for income. The system computes that the average earnings per hour of $4,000/hr. At the time that Joe reached the time threshold (384 hrs) his earnings is $56,000 ($40,000 + $16,000). The earnings at this point is above the calculated threshold of $55,000. In this case, Joe's earnings threshold stays at $55,000.

** Earnings threshold is only updated (lower) if time threshold is reached and total reported earnings at that moment is below the computed earnings threshold (via settings/salary). **

   - An Audit report that shows which account used the "Become" feature to become another user. The report is available under the "Reports" tab of the App Admin page.

   - There is a APM025 specific Annual Certification form. Prior to this release faculty completed the APM671 form for Annual Certification.

Bug Fixes

   - Remove legacy activity's start and end date values from pages that were still displaying them.

   - Remove errant option "Annual Certificationt" that appears under all the tabs of Approver role's "Review/Approval"

   - Display responses to new IP questions on Activity view panels

   - Fix count and pagination on the Approved Category 1 data tables

Release 3.44.6 Feb 24, 2020


   - Add email column as part "Export Current Data" under App Admin.


   - Internal scripts added for data migration

Release 3.44.4 Feb 10, 2020


   - Disable Single Sign On process that creates local accounts.

Release 3.44.1 Feb 5, 2020


   - Support functionality to remove faculty from a primary unit with no activities .

   - Update Intellectual Property questions on the Report an activity form.

   - App Admin can login ("Become") in as another account.

   - An alert/reminder message to report effort/income after an activity is reported.

   - Add a new option ("unknown") for Type question in the Report an Activity form.

   - New add-on role ("Faculty Status Change") for Reviewers. This role enables permission to update Faculty Status and Fiscal Status.

   - New stock related renumerations - Stock Options, Stock as Compensation, Stock Purchase Agreement for reporting Income/Effort. Reviewers enter stock price(s) depending on renumeration type and system computes Income against thresholds

   - Approver "Reviewer/Approver" tables - new "Form Type" Filter to display selected prior approval forms.



   - Performance tunning of Approver and Reviewer pages

   - Reorganize the Approver and Reviewer filters on the Annual Certification tabs.


   - Fix issue with staff import not saving the UID.


Release 3.43.6 Jan 17, 2020

Bug Fixes

   - Fix Alternate Approvers receiving notifications for prior approval requests not in their queue.


Release 3.43.5 Jan 14, 2020

Bug Fixes

   - Fix permission issue that prevented Approvers from viewing note attachments for prior approval requests.


   - Auditor View - Add Annual Certification tab.


Release 3.43.4 Jan 10, 2020

Bug Fixes

   - Fix issue with duplicate staff daily email notifications.

   - Fix issue with that prevented adding a faculty that with a staff account (matching UID) in the system.


Release 3.43.3 Dec 17, 2019

Bug Fixes

   - Unable to add a staff that is a faculty in the system. This was a result of a bug in the faculty file processing not handling account membership correctly. 


   - Update activity type text from "Consulting for a government agency" to "Consulting for a domestic or foreign government agency". 

   - Reviewed and updated activity types that will trigger Intellectual Property questions -

APM 025

  • Administration of a grant outside the University
  • Assuming an executive or managerial position outside the University
  • Assuming founding or co-founding role of a company
  • Developing scholarly or creative works
  • Employment outside the University
  • Research outside the University
  • Serving on a board of directors outside the University
  • Providing outside consulting services or referrals or engaging in professional practice as an individual or through a single-member professional corporation or sole proprietorship
APM 671
  • Administration of a grant outside the University
  • Assuming an executive or managerial position outside the University
  • Assuming founding or co-founding role of a company
  • Developing scholarly or creative works
  • Employment outside the University
  • Research outside the University
  • Other income generating activities specified in approved Implementing Procedures
  • Consulting for for-profit entity
  • Consulting for non-profit entity
  • Consulting for non-profit health or education-related organization
  • Serving on a board of directors outside the University

Release 3.43.2 Dec 11, 2019


   - Removed a faculty from a fiscal year manually as there is no function for App Admin to delete currently. 

Release 3.43.1 Dec 10, 2019

Bug Fixes

   - Faculty with multiple appointments within a fiscal year may have their prior approval forms incorrectly routed to the secondary units first.  This occurs when the secondary appointments unit Internal ID is greater than primary appointment unit's internal ID.

Release 3.43.0 Dec 4, 2019

Bug Fixes

   - Alternative Approver role accounts - Fixed reporting error that allowed viewing of Annual Certification forms that are not in user's queue.

   - Landing page for system administrators shows an error instead of redirecting to the correct location: Fix corrected this error.

   - Stock Evaluation tab - Fixed error that excluded from reporting income/effort records for category 2 activities. 


   - New Faculty separation flags -  App Admins can mark a faculty as separated and selectively force the annual certification button for that faculty.  The separated faculty will be sent a notification when s/he is marked as separated in the system. The email template can be customized by an App Admin.

Release 3.42.1 Nov 19, 2019

Bug Fixes

   - Attachments for Annual Certications are not viewable.

   - Stock Evaluation tab is tied to the top level units only. Stock evaluation role should be applicable for all levels.

   - Reviewer Page / Faculty / all Faculty tab - The filter options on top are not functioning

   - After editing forms in Faculty UI the faculty landing page losse FY context

   - Staff Add/Edit UID field missing

   - Infinite redirect problem on oats-apm/ index page


   - Improve system messages for faculty updates

   - APM 671: Move retaining earnings form request button from activity list to the Exceeding TH form page. Also add customization for each campus to enable/disable retainings earnings form.

   - Report Activity form - Remove Start and End date widget, Support changing fiscal year when reporting an activity and update of faculty landing page to the fiscal year of reported activity, Customization text option for "fiscal year" text

   - Faculty File Ingest - Clean up documentation

Release 2.38.0 June 30, 2019


    -Added new column to an internal report to enable better validations. 

    -New functionality to support manual triggering of Notifications

    -New functionality to support sending out Notifications on a specific date and time.

Bug Fixes

Release 2.37.0 June 24 2019


    -New tab - "Pending Request" added under App-Admin / Unit / Divisions, Personnel & Thresholds 

    -Optimize email notifications to target specific subscribers

    -Improve color coding for the unit tree to indicate a unit with an appointed faculty but no reviewer or/and approver assigned.

    -Support to customize the annual certification popup (clicking on purple "Annual Certification" button) text per campus per policy (APM 025 and 671).

Bug Fixes

- The version label in the About dialog changed to a link to the release notes.

   - Changed daily staff email notifications to send only to staff (approver or reviewer) if there is a form waiting for his/her review or approval action. 

   - Internal patch to address duplicate faculty accounts.

   - Changed the logic of the Back entering Category 1 form to use the full "approve to date" instead of only the year part.  Using only the year part in certain cases results in the activity approved beyond the fiscal year.  For example, if the "approve to" date is 06/01/2020 the fiscal year should be FY19-20.  Prior to the fix the fiscal year was calculated FY20-21.


Release 2.36.0 June 10 2019


    - Faculty annual certifcation signature page mentions 671 HSCP - 671 wording removed

    - Faculty system notes

    - Support for units to not review/approve

    - Those that do have faculty but no reviewer or approvers highlighted  on the Unit Tree 

Bug Fixes

    - Report for 240-246 - not listing earnings/income reported under cat 3 fixed

    - Staff import issue resolved

    - Duplicate entry into departments fixed

Performance Issues/Tasks

    -Added a message to let the users know about that the secondary appointment information is only for display, not to do anything in the system.

Release 2.35.0 May 27 2019


    - Statistics added under app admin. Functionality not yet ready for general release

    - Added action button to remove file

    - Dept API level value consistency

Bug Fixes

    - Allowed entering of activities in next fiscal year with alert to faculty

    - Annual certification status indicator & Purple Button

    - Added staff function allowing multiple staff for same person

    - Alternate approver aux function

Release 2.34.0 May 13 2019


    - UCPATH feature (importing faculty by scheduled proc)

    - Reviewer - Faculty UI supports back entering Cat 1 and Student involvement form

    - Approver - Review/Approval tabs, consistency and performance improvement

    - Allowed entering of activities in next fiscal year with alert to faculty

Bug Fixes

    - Approved Cat 1 form not visible to reviewers in chain of review

    - Improved UI for adding faculty

    - Faculty dialog fixes

    - Unit / faculty association

    - Multiple requests to exceed forms now correctly numbered

    - UCSF pagination navigation issue fixed

Performance Issues/Tasks

    - Added check when removing alternative approver role

    - Procedure added to access upper level departments

Release 2.33.0 April 29 2019


    - New "About UCOATS" menu item under top left logout dropdown - version number added

    - Allowed entering of activities in next fiscal year, with alert to faculty

    - Reviewer/Approver UI Annual Certification - department Column

Bug Fixes

    - Reviewer/Approver UI Annual Certification bulk signing - option to approve

    - Fixed reviewer UI faculty info pages email content showing along with activities on first page

    - Request button behavior based on color

Release 2.32.0 April 15 2019


    - Intellectual Property questions updated

    - Faculty activity form - checkboxes now trigger the IP questions

Bug Fixes

    - Fixed Annual Certification to support multiple departments

    - 025 summer hours calculation and summer hours logging repaired

    - Summer Hours info button now showing on Annual Certification page

    - Alert warning of approaching threshold on earnings or time - wording rewritten

    - Annual certification form - fixed column headers (org sector, etc)

    - Faculty creation comma added with salary

    - Dept. relation added to functions

Performance Issues/Tasks

    - Code optimized for Reviewer interface - ap review tab, annual certification

Release 2.31.0 April 1 2019


    - Verified role on reviewer and approver pages

    - Cat 1 form - last date for seeking approval

    - Departments - Summer periods inherit details

    - Dialog to edit staff name under App-Admin now visible to Reviewer

Bug Fixes

    - Reviewer - ap review tabs updated - 'my review,' 'forms in process,' 'approved,' 'all activities,' 'deleted' tabs

    - Cat 1 form Fiscal Year indicator showing correct value after creation

    - Faculty - Enter Activity button now enabled after annual certification returned

    - App Admin - summer period issue fixed

Release 2.30.0 March 15 2019


    - Faculty names are empty

    - Activity enter button enabled after pending annual certification

Bug Fixes

    - Copying faculty setting forward to next fiscal year results in correct Effort TH

    - Updated UCSF faculty records (routing_id=dept_id)

    - 0 hours reporting in summer hours allowed

    - Faculty navigation to previous fiscal year fixed

    - Reviewer 'add faculty' settings in working order

Performance Issues/Tasks

    - Reviewer - faculty - 'all faculty' tab optimized

    - Reviewer - faculty - over time th tab optimized

    - Reviewer - faculty - over earnings th tab optimized

    - Department Viewers optimized

Release 2.29.0 March 1 2019


    - App Admin: Staff name functionality- allows editing of staff names

    - App Admin: data import - department import removed

Bug Fixes

    – App Admin: Removal of faculty “roles” button and updating of faculty edit button  to “edit name”

    - UCDavis: App Admin: faculty settings edit popup now populating

Performance Issues/Tasks

    - App admin - people tab, role edit refactored and optimize.

    - Updated UCSF faculty records set routing_id=dept_id on Training. Corrected misunderstanding of purpose of routing_id field in faculty data import.

Release 2.28.0 February 15 2019


    - UCSF - setup routing on training and production

    - Added version ID to the training site red banner

    - Created an ucoats-about page

Bug Fixes

    - Accent marks in faculty names on faculty detail page added

    - Cat 1 form faculty view - NA value added to field 'Last date for which you are seeking approval'

    - Time TH column in App Admin section fixed

    - UCSF training- duplicate entries removed

Release 2.27.0 February 1 2019


    - Added date indicator to popup listing

    - Reviewer and Approver - Added missing print buttons on forms

    - Cat 1 - Signature fixed

    - Income Threshold now using base salary

Bug Fixes

    - Faculty - add setting is now working

    - Help text icon added

    - Printing issues fixed

    - Export Current Data function now working

    - AP review tab export current data

    - Emails tab on faculty info (details) repaired

    - % calculation FTE repaired

    - Parameter campus_pretty_name on printing forms added

    - Fixed login in upper right hand corner

    - Approver now able to see a request with multiple depts (80% and 20%)

    - Approved email with accounts

Release 2.26.0 January 18 2019


    - New parameter created oats-apm campus_pretty_name

Bug Fixes

    - Primary department indicator on faculty details page showing info

    - Effort amount allows currency format to submit

    - Refactored 'get department' procedure

Release 2.25.0 January 4 2019


    - Changed root level from departments

    - Added inherit flag for departments summer term

Bug Fixes

    - Analyze Annual Certification - primary department issue for routing

    - Reviewer/Approver/Auditor permission to download note file

Release 2.24.0 December 21 2019


    - None

Bug Fixes

    - Annual Certification bulk signing - not option to approve

    - Faculty reporting summer hours. The text field entry needs to enforce values => entered value is > 0 and <= max value allowed.

    - Unit faculty limit settings to context fiscal year

    - Single review/approver process if department is the parent request departments

    - Unable to enter income when faculty belongs to two different departments because income is taking year_id from all faculty settings instead of the primary only

Release 2.23.0 December 7 2019


    - Copy forward faculty settings to next fiscal year

Bug Fixes

    - Update primary dept on prod for faculty in 49014 according to routing dept setting

    - Multiple year type for each policy

    - UCSC login

    - A faculty with two department appointments and not being routed to both

Release 2.22.0 November 23 2019


    - Copy forward faculty settings to next fiscal year

Bug Fixes

    - Not found page (dev site only)

    - Summer month UI end date population

    - Faculty edit

    - Copy forward faculty settings to next fiscal year

    - Faculty::UI Expand/Collapse effort inconsistent behavior

    - Faculty::UI Effort reported hours maxlength increased

Release 2.21.0 November 9 2019


    - None

Bug Fixes

    - do not display enter an activity button if the fiscal_year annual certification has been submitted

    - people tab query optimization

    - Summer Panel should not show up in faculty UI if policy is 025 and year type is Fiscal.

Release 2.20.0 October 26 2019


    - UCSC state machines starts at level 3

Bug Fixes

    - cat 1 activity approved multiple years

    - unit level thresholds being ignored by faculty

Release 2.19.0 October 12 2019


    - Refactor core logic for the department summer terms inheritance

    - State machine import script updates if the state machine name exists

    - Adding a search button in the app admin people tab

    - Reviewer's needs my review tab, forms in process - duplicate row fix

Bug Fixes

    - reviewer faculty area : removal of email notifications, add departments into faculty info page

    - conversion of widget 'last date of which you are seek approval' to select with 5 options from current to current+4 years.

    - Fixing bug related to not updating the inheritance for the summer term while updating the flag in the department.

Release 2.18.0 September 28 2019


    - request state machine different beginning level depending on department hierarchy

Bug Fixes

    - Removing hardcoded school for cat1 forms

    - UI user security for state machine package

Release 2.17.0 September 28 2019


    - Request with division department support

Bug Fixes

    - None

Release 2.16.0 September 14 2019


    - Become action from the staff list for the SWA

Bug Fixes

    - Add faculty package/subsite group constraint to report 240-246

    - Add and revoke admin privilege to the app_admin role

    - Fixing return_url calls and adding fiscal_year parameter to the app admin department lists

    - Fixing call to deprecated proc for creating group when creating a new department

    - Ticket #21975 Datatable load status indicator

Release 2.15.0 August 24 2019


    - Changed root level from departments

    - Added inherit flag for departments summer term

Bug Fixes

    - Update ad_conn package_ur to ad_conn vhost_package_url

    - Fixed app admin department breadcrumbs sort logic

Release 2.14.0 August 10 2019


    - None

Bug Fixes

    - Ticket #22102 Limit the roles available to select from to approver, reviewer, and auditor at the level.

    - Ticket #20878 importing faculty - Display fiscal year for importing faculty data. The assumption is that the data will be for fiscal year displayed at top of banner.

    - Ticket #20880 on faculty import - please generate a report of faculty where either the primary and/or routing department changes.

    - Request with multiple departments support

Release 2.13.0 July 27 2019


    - Adding the routing process for the approvals based on the faculty departments

Bug Fixes

    - None

Release 2.12.0 July 13 2019


    - Navigation between roles

    - Added max characters feature to all text fields in forms.

Bug Fixes

    - Scripts to clean up server

    - Display fiscal year for importing faculty data

    - Error when adding myself as a staff (reviewer roles) to Classisc department

    - Bulk approval of annual certifications with no activities for reviewer

    - Annual certification - rejected submission feedback (red triangles) and mouseover feedback NOT useful

    - Add bulk reviewer function to Annual Certifications - like we have for approvers

Release 2.11.0 June 29 2019


    - None

Bug Fixes

    - Faculty settings policy updates

    - Navigation between roles

    - Limit faculty search within subsite

    - Alternate approver

    - Faculty 671 zero hour income

Release 2.10.0 June 15 2019


    - Short transition name for state machine

Bug Fixes

    - summer salary set up UI - "--" not zeros

    - Default calendar for reporting effort

    - exceeding TH form note

    - Annual Certification not working

Release 2.09.0 June 1 2019


    - Policies and Years moved from OATS to UC OATS package since that is a global feature

    - Adding apm callbacks to the package

Bug Fixes

    - Tabs are not maintained scrolling through years

Release 2.08.0 May 18 2019


    - Email log fixed

    - Cat 1 formatted

    - AP review -> all activities -> income sublevel fixed

Bug Fixes

    - Missing ctrl_email::status_options

    - Cat 1 format request

    - AP review -> all activities -> income sublevel doesn't work

Release 2.07.0 May 4 2019


    - None

Bug Fixes

    - App admin page cookie

    - Fix issue when importing the departments. Data was not retrieved correctly, fixed the logic.

Release 2.06.0 April 20 2019


 - Activity button relabelled 'Enter'

 - Added Summer Hours progress bar and features in Faculty side

 - Annual certification filter label changed to Approved

 - Activity state transition from Approver to Reviewer

 - Email filters

 - Legend updated without extra buttons

 - Stock Valuation form dependency removed

 - Stock Valuation all children expanded by default, label changed, $ per share added, filter added

 - Tooltip for student and threshold form sync

 - Added time threshold by policy

 - Replaced system terms with department terms

 - Reverted and refactored App Admin department information top navigation

 - Adding policy time threshold and default value to avoid any division by 0 for the summary information

Bug fixes

 - Email log filters added

 - Approaching Threshold warning - wording changed

 - Activity state transition from Approver to Reviewer added

 - Tooltip for student and threshold form sync added

 - Effort reporting enhanced to support summer hours

 - Legend updated without extra buttons

 - APM 671 Report Effort and Earnings repaired

 - CAT 1 approval form fixed

 - Activity button relabelled 'Enter'

 - Comma error fixed

 - The Time Threshold changed from 348 to 384.

 - Added punctuation to separate Activities in export

 - Department fiscal year navigation error message added

 - Stock Valuation all entries expanded by default, label changed, $ per share added, filter added

 - Faculty stock reporting message added

 - Annual certification filter label changed to 'Approved'

 - Report Earnings comma error repaired

Release 2.05.0 April 6 2019


    -Created Department TH - App Admin will get the default values based on policy

    -Email log/template tabs added

    -Merged 'add staff/faculty' within oats-departments package.

    -Added App Admin role

    -Added App Admin tab functionality

    -Added Summer Salary interface

Bug fixes

    - APM 025 Report Effort repaired

    - Remuneration Type Dropdown added

    - Title Capitalization now consistent on all forms

    - APM 671 Request to Retain Earnings repaired

    - Removed Org Sector field from Cat I form

    - Request Approval Type column sorting fixed

Release 2.04.0 March 23 2019


    - Department hour thresholds table/views/sequence/index/procs has been renamed to department thresholds to be consistent with the new use

Bug fixes

    - None