UC OATS Project Milestones


Year I: Build the UC OATS application

The first year (September 2017 – August 2018) focused on building the new UC OATS application. The original version of OATS developed at UCLA served as the template for the UC OATS Working Group to identify new features, remove UCLA-specific functionality, and build support for additional APM COC policies. The Working Group worked in conjunction with the Technical Partner to perform testing of the application along the way and ultimately all participating campuses approved a minimal viable iteration of the UC OATS application that was determined sufficient to begin deployment to the campuses. The first year of UC OATS completed on budget.

Iteration Major Features
Development Iteration 1
  • Refactor application code to support multiple campuses
Development Iteration 2
  • Faculty reporting dashboard
  • Application support for APM policies 025, 240, 246, and 671
  • Implementation of outside professional activity forms
Development Iteration 3
  • Reviewer dashboard
  • Support for dual-appointment faculty routing
  • Approver dashboard
Development Iteration 4
  • Auditor user interface
  • Annual certification functionality
Development Iteration 5
  • Reports
  • Administrator dashboard
  • Email notification system
Development Iteration 6
  • Campus-level customizations
  • Upload campus user data into UC OATS
  • Upload campus unit data into UC OATS

Year II: Deploy UC OATS to participating campuses

The second-year (September 2018 – August 2019) continued development efforts to refine the application and began the deployment of UC OATS across the participating campuses. During this year, the consortium grew from seven campuses to nine with UC San Diego joining in January 2019 and UC Riverside joining in July 2019. UC OATS was successfully launched at UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Francisco, UC Los Angeles, and UC Santa Barbara. Each deployment included onsite training from the UCLA Technical Partner and took about 16 weeks to complete. The second year of UC OATS was completed on budget.

  • UC Davis- live Fall 2018
  • UC Santa Cruz- live Fall 2018
  • UC San Francisco- live Winter 2019
  • UC Los Angeles- live Spring 2019
  • UC Santa Barbara- live Spring 2019
  • UC San Diego- live Summer 2019
  • UC Irvine- live Fall 2019
  • UC Riverside- live Summer 2020
  • UC Berkeley- live Summer 2020
  • UC Merced- live Fall 2020

Year III: Maintain and Enhance UC OATS

The third year (September 2019 – August 2020) the UC OATS Governance Board approved a budget-neutral enhancement effort for the third year of the program to add additional functionality to the application. UC Merced joined the consortium in June 2020 to expand UC OATS to serve all ten UC campuses. The application was successfully deployed at UC San Diego, UC Irvine, and UC Riverside. Deployment activities are currently in progress with UC Berkeley (expected to complete by the end of the project year) and UC Merced is currently onboarding with an expected deployment date sometime during the fourth project year. During year three, most campuses also went through the first cycle of annual certifications using UC OATS where faculty log into the system and certify a system generated annual report of all of their outside professional activities or certify that they have not engaged in any OPA for the previous year. For the seven campuses that completed the annual reports using UC OATS this year, over 10,000 faculty members submitted reports.

Year IV: Maintain and Enhance UC OATS

During the fourth year (September 2020 – August 2021) the working group and DGIT technical partners worked together to identify and prioritize enhancements to UC OATS. By the end of year four, UC OATS received numerous enhancements that significantly improved the ease of use of UC OATS.