UC OATS Implementation Milestones


Phase I: Build and Development

The build and development phase of UC OATS has been completed. UC OATS was developed in six major iterations, each introducing and enhancing major system functionality.

Iteration Major Features
Development Iteration 1
  • Refactor application code to support multiple campuses
Development Iteration 2
  • Faculty reporting dashboard
  • Application support for APM policies 025, 240, 246, and 671
  • Implementation of outside professional activity forms
Development Iteration 3
  • Reviewer dashboard
  • Support for dual-appointment faculty routing
  • Approver dashboard
Development Iteration 4
  • Auditor user interface
  • Annual certification functionality
Development Iteration 5
  • Reports
  • Administrator dashboard
  • Email notification system
Development Iteration 6
  • Campus-level customizations
  • Upload campus user data into UC OATS
  • Upload campus unit data into UC OATS

Phase II: Campus Implementations

Campuses will receive UC OATS on a rolling basis with the initial campuses staggered and moving to concurrent implementations throughout the year. There is an 11-week implementation cycle for participating campuses to go live with UC OATS.

  • UC Davis- live Fall 2018
  • UC Santa Cruz- live Fall 2018
  • UC San Francisco- live Winter 2019
  • UC Los Angeles- live Spring 2019
  • UC Santa Barbara- live Spring 2019
  • UC San Diego- live Summer 2019
  • UC Irvine- live Fall 2019
  • UC Riverside- live Summer 2020
  • UC Berkeley- live Summer 2020
  • UC Merced- live Fall 2020