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Returned Prior Approval Forms

This article provides instructions on how to locate information on why a prior approval form was returned to you. When a prior approval form is returned, you will receive an email notification with the reason for the return. The return reason and the name of the person who returned the form can be viewed in both the activity notes and in the Historical Actions section of the prior approval form. This article will show you how to view the return reason in both areas of your workspace.

Email Notification

When a form is returned to you, you will receive an email notification. The email notification will provide the reason for the return, but it will not specify who returned the form since it is a system generated email.

To view both the reason for the return and the name of the person who returned it to you, view the activity notes or the Historical Actions section of the returned prior approval form. Returned prior approval forms will show a "Not Submitted" status.

Activity Notes

The activity notes will display all notes regarding the activity, including the notes about returned prior approval forms.

Prior Approval Form - Historical Actions

To view the Historical Actions of a prior approval form, open the form and then scroll to the bottom. Forms that have been returned will have the "Send Back To Faculty" status, the note and name of the person who returned the prior approval form. Once you have completed the requested update(s), you may resubmit your prior approval form by clicking the "Request Approval" button. The form will then process through the approval workflow.

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