Release 7.79.2 March 21, 2024

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Bug Affected Roles Affected Policies

The email notification for the scenario when an Annual Certification is returned to the previous review/approval routing level will no longer be sent to faculty.



The Faculty separation functionality has been updated to support cases that do not require App Admin assistance. The following cases will permit faculty separation in a fiscal year: if there are no activities or a submitted Annual Certification in the next fiscal year, or when a faculty was separated in the next fiscal year. App Admins may need to assist separation in some situations.



The role edit functionality in the STAFF tab under the APP ADMIN / DEPARTMENTS area has been fixed.

App Admin


Auditor Dashboard charts no longer arbitrarily change size when using Chrome browser in the MS Windows environment.



A new version of the deprecated file creation procedure (ffs::add_created_file) that prevented the generation of the weekly snapshots for the Read Web Service calls is now being used.

The following APIs were also fixed:

  • Faculty Annual Certifications By Fiscal Year
  • Faculty Activities List By Fiscal Year
  • Faculty Activities Effort List By Fiscal Year
  • Faculty List By Fiscal Year