Release 5.65.0 April 21, 2022

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The Category I description label has been updated to "Description of the nature of your participation in this activity, including, any possible beneficial outcomes to areas of research, industry, and public service:".



Bugs Affected Roles Affected Policies

Fixed a bug relating to the faculty activities "Export Current Data" download. The "Current Hrs/Earnings" column has been separated into two columns: Current Hours, Current Earnings. 



Fixed a bug relating to a faculty who could not view activity notes due to an issue with the characters within the file attachment name.



Fixed a typo on a Summer Salary question in the Faculty UI. Faculty All
Fixed a typo on the "No Activities" Annual Certification popup message in the Faculty UI. Faculty All

Updated the confirm button label on the Annual Certification page to "Certify No Activities" when faculty has no reported activities.

Faculty All

Fixed a bug relating to routing unit not showing up on the Faculty Info page when a faculty is not assigned to the routing unit.

Reviewer, Approvers, App Admins, Auditors All
Fixed an issue that caused an error to occur when a faculty member renews a Category I activity with an activity label that is greater than 255 characters. Now, when an activity label is over 255 characters, the label will show an ellipsis (...) at the end of the new label to indicate there was previously more text. All All
Feature Request Affected Roles Affected Policies

Faculty can now recall a Category I form that is not approved/accepted. When faculty recall a Category I form, a comment field will appear. Faculty must enter the reason they are recalling the Category I form in the comment field. Once submitted an email notification regarding the recalled form will be sent out to reviewers and approvers who have reviewed the form and to those who had the form in their queue.



Now when a note is entered for an activity an additional column will show the context in which it was created. For example, Student Involvement form, Request to Exceed Threshold, and Category I forms, etc.

All All

Campuses can now set up a different reply to email address for UC OATS automated email notifications. 


The Summer Salary interface for academic-year faculty now includes new questions and instructions.

Academic Faculty 025